The ENGLISH BEAT ‎– Live! At The US Festival '82 & '83


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The English Beat ‎- Live! At The US Festival '82 & '83
Label: Floating World ‎- FLOATD6179
Format: CD, DVD
Country: UK
Released: 2012
Style: Rock, Reggae

CD-1 Twist & Crawl
CD-2 I Confess
CD-3 Doors Of Your Heart
CD-4 Sugar & Stress
CD-5 Two Swords
CD-6 Hands Off... She's Mine
CD-7 Save It For Later
CD-8 Too Nice To Talk To
CD-9 Mirror In The Bathroom
CD-10 Jeanette
CD-11 Spar Wid Me
CD-12 Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret
CD-13 Tears Of A Clown
CD-14 Ackee 1 2 3
CD-15 Ranking Full Stop
CD-16 Jackpot

DVD-1 Twist & Crawl
DVD-2 Doors Of Your Heart
DVD-3 I Confess
DVD-4 Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret
DVD-5 Sugar & Stress
DVD-6 Spar Wid Me
DVD-7 Two Swords
DVD-8 Hands Off... She's Mine
DVD-9 Save It For Later
DVD-10 Too Nice To Talk To
DVD-11 Mirror In The Bathroom
DVD-12 Jackpot
DVD-13 Mirror In The Bathroom
DVD-14 Doors Of Your Heart
DVD-15 Two Swords
DVD-16 Jeanette
DVD-17 I Confess
DVD-18 Too Nice To Talk To
DVD-19 Spar Wid Me
DVD-20 Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret
DVD-21 Tears Of A Clown
DVD-22 Ackee 1 2 3
DVD-23 Twist & Crawl
DVD-24 Ranking Full Stop
DVD-25 Save It For Later
DVD-26 Jackpot

Recorded At - Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino. CA
CD+DVD package of The (English) Beat's two performances at the US Festival shows of 1982 and 1983.
CD Tracks 1-9 / DVD Tracks 1-12 were recorded September 3, 1982.
CD Tracks 10-17 / DVD Tracks 13-26 were recorded May 28, 1983.