Serge GAINSBOURG & Brigitte BARDOT ‎– From St. Tropez To Paree


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Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot – From St. Tropez To Paree

Label: Él – ACMEM203CD

Format: CD, Compilation

Country: UK

Released: Feb 11, 2011

1. –Serge Gainsbourg Judith From L'eau À La Bouche
2. –Serge Gainsbourg Cha Cha Cha Du Loup (Cha Cha Cha Of The Wolf)
3. –Serge Gainsbourg Sois Elle Et Tais-Toi (Be Beautiful But Shut Up)
4. –Serge Gainsbourg Laissez-Moi Tranquille (Leave Me Alone)
5. –Serge Gainsbourg Générique
6. –Serge Gainsbourg Fugue Du Rouquin
7. –Serge Gainsbourg Les Loups Dans La Bergerie (Instrumental)
8. –Serge Gainsbourg Cha Cha Cha Du Loup (Instrumental)
9. –Serge Gainsbourg Les Loups Dans La Bergerie (Fin)
10. –Serge Gainsbourg La Recette De L'amour Fou (The Recipe For Crazy Love) Juliette Gréco
11. –Serge Gainsbourg Le Poinçonneur Des Lilas (The Conductor Of Lilas) Jean-Claude Pascal
12. –Brigitte Bardot Générique - Marche De Babette
13. –Brigitte Bardot Londres
14. –Brigitte Bardot La Poursuite (The Chase)
15. –Brigitte Bardot Conciliabule (Assembly)
16. –Brigitte Bardot Final Et Générique
17. –Brigitte Bardot La Marche De Babette - Pierre Delvincourt Et Son Orchestre
18. –Brigitte Bardot Dominique
19. –Brigitte Bardot Je Voudrais Tant (I Wish So Much)
20. –Brigitte Bardot Ma Guitare A Moi (Me And My Guitar)
21. –Brigitte Bardot Bambolina
22. –Brigitte Bardot Colombine
23. –Brigitte Bardot La Mome Cricri
24. –Brigitte Bardot Yo Tengo Una Muneca - Don Diego Et Son Orchestre Typique
25. –Brigitte Bardot Disappearance Of Kastchei's Palace And Magical Creations
26. –Brigitte Bardot Verneuillade
27. –Brigitte Bardot Romance Or Not Romance
28. –Brigitte Bardot Defile
29. –Brigitte Bardot Carrefour (Turning Point)
30. –Brigitte Bardot En Effeuillant La Marguerite - Rolande Desormeaux -
31. –Brigitte Bardot The Night That Heaven Fell
32. –Brigitte Bardot "Nous Nous Sommes Rencontrés Sur Un Air De Musique" / Franck Pourcel - Les Hanches (The Hips)
33. –Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot

Serge Gainsbourg was known outside France primarily for the heavy-breathing masterpiece J'taime moi non plus but to those at home he stood as the ultimate rebel artist. His poetry was compared to Rimbaud and Baudelaire, his morality to the Marquis de Sade. He wrote and directed four controversial movies, published a scurrilous novel, his records were often denounced as obscene and he was perpetually embroiled in scandal, whether for turning up drunk on a TV show and offering to F*** fellow guest Whitney Houston, recording a reggae version of Le Marseillaise or burning a 500 franc banknote on prime-time TV.

Gainsbourg was surely the only man ever to have written hit songs about the joys of incest, sodomy, motorcycles and cigarettes and to still be awarded the Chevalier Des Arts et Lettres, his country¹s highest artistic honour. Summarising his approach to life and art, he said: "Without controversy it would all be very boring" and "For me, provocation is oxygen."

Gainsbourg died in 1991, since when his influence and popularity have only grown. His life is celebrated in Joann Sfar's recent film, Serge Gainsbourg - une vie heroique (Serge Gainsbourg - a heroic life).

Brigitte Bardot, BB, La bebe, is a symbol of the age of the Pill and the Playboy philosophy. After her first film at the age of 17 she was catapulted to fame. Her beauty and unashamed senuality are well known, it's arguable that no woman has ever created a greater impact on her times and film-makers, actresses and designers continue to pour through the doors of permisssivity she kicked open with elan.

At the dawn of the 1960's, as Gainsbourg was busy establishing himself as the enfant terrible of chansons, Bardot, having already struck the first cinematic blow for women's liberation with 'And God created Woman', was France's biggest star and the symbol for a new breed of femininity and sexuality that would change the world...