Golden Brass Summit - Fiesta Mania!


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The history of the biggest brass band festival on the world

Fiesta Mania DVD (86:14)

An of four films "Golden Brass Summit" FiestaMania! - an authentic documentary life project filmed for eight years by Producer Ilija Stankovic who already produced Anthology 40 years of Golden Brass Summit previously released on Network Medien 2001. After years of focused work on Balkan brass music he followed brass bands by all their means and lived with them, awaiting for the rare bright moments to happen'. 72 fascinating video cameras and all kinds of modern TV production technology, captured over 500 hours of video material and tried to see everything what author validate as important: from group mass scene of 400 musicians to an individual lonely plays of the single and rare acts. No scene was pre arranged for a camera, no dialog was written. Everything is 100% authentic as it is but in the vision of the author - how it is supposed to be if Serbia would not be the source of the negative vibrations that recently, over the past 20 years resulted with the war. So, alone camera man was in search of the spiritual beauty but at the same time author produced 14 big concerts that were filmed as Serbian Woodstock - an events of collective catharsis of the biggest brass festival in the world that has been seen in full program by at least 60 million TV viewers.

This film does not have words because words would be needless to explain this phenomenon of the positive energy where the people from all around the world come for the pilgrimage to get new energy for the rest of their life. This is the film about a phenomenon that has to be felt, not explained, that does not need scientific approaches because music in the full meaning of this sense speaks itself as universal language that is understandable to everyone. If it is up to the musicians and Author of this festival there would be no war in former Yugoslavia . This is the film of respect of all the people who played on this festival who were brought back into the film to play with their own bands again and stay remembered forever. This is the film of one apatrid who lost his birth country had never found a new one. This is the film of the one who learned that all the people on this planet are equal and have a right to share its beauty as brass bands in this film show that music has no borders. This is the film that shows that we have all this beauty in ourselves if we have enough strength to eliminate the fears of coexistence, therefore captured authentic video have an unlimited positive remembrance on the most beautiful in ourselves.